My Life – Part 19

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Last time:

“…They offered to keep me on, but it was part time sales and it wasn’t enough to support us, so I started looking around again…”

Since they couldn’t get a store open and I was still practically driving to my old La Jolla store each work day, this wasn’t working either. I went to a temporary agency to see if they could find me something closer to home. They set me up in San Marcos with a job working for a flexible molding company. The kind of molding that one would find in fine homes… homes such as Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf’s home… at least that was the “big name” they through around while I was working there. My job was to match the patterns (if they existed) that were sent in for quotes, to existing patterns in the system… the “system” at that time was a giant book the size of any major cities yellow pages… I thought at the time that my falling asleep at work had to do with being bored out of my skull… I would later find out that was not the case… My days consisted of answering phones, finding patterns, sending non-matching patterns upstairs for a new quote and contacting said customers with pricing information. I was alright with it, it was boring, but it was paying the bills and I had a job, something I’ve always been grateful for when I had it… During the Christmas party, my boss approached me, saying that the girl doing the bookkeeping was being fired and they’d like to move me into her job… So right after Christmas, she was gone, and I was doing her job, a job I hadn’t been trained for, but hey, it wasn’t that hard… I got about two weeks into doing it and I guess someone felt sorry for her, and they re-hired her to do her job… I went back to patterns for a week or two then they got rid of all the temps working for them. No explanation. Out of work again… It was the end of August and we decided that we needed a vacation, a break from all the drama, so we went camping up in one of our favorite spots… Cuyamaca, prior to it’s recent fires, was a truly beautiful spot in the Sandy Eggo mountain area, we had had many successful trout fishing trips there and the nights were always clear and filled with stars. We even managed to talk my folks into bringing my Grandma and coming up to our campsite. We stayed for 10 days, fishing and hiking and camping… V had recently turned 40 in May and when she did, I prayed, “Lord, it’s now or never, if you want us to have a child, it had better happen soon…”  We joked about V being pregnant, since we’d never used protection and we’d been together off and on for 6 years and nothing had ever happened… we’d never seen that fertility specialist for her problem as we were told we should… so, when we got home, and V was still late we stopped off and got a pregnancy test… she used the test and left it in the bathroom… then made me go look as she couldn’t stand another disappointment in her life… So off I went into the bathroom to see if the joke was still funny…

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