Make a promise, keep a promise.

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       I really have always believed this axiom, and as much I’ve been able in the last almost 40 years, I’ve attempted to live by it. That being said… I made a promise to blog, if @BlondeByDesign did. 

        In 2008 my wife and I bought a restaurant in Woodland Park, Colorado and have been working 1oo hours a week, each, with a skeleton crew, to keep it going through a tough time in our economy, which happens to fall during Winter, which was/is always a harder time in our mountain community. We didn’t buy this place thinking that we wouldn’t have to work, and we didn’t think it wouldn’t be hard. We did it because it was something my wife and I had always wanted to do, work together, run a restaurant, working at something that would be for us, for our family, but also in service to others and at the same time giving us a way to share our faith through witness of who we are in our daily lives. We currently live on an amazing 20 acre horse ranch on the west side of Pikes Peak, in a rehab project house that is an hour away from our business, a business that still demands our attention 7 days a week and will continue to do so for more than another year, if it still exists at that time. 2008 was a hard year, with the loss of three of our pets, including V’s horse Glory, in a freak accident. We have decided that this year, 2009, we will shed those things in our lives that no longer fit, that no longer further our future, that don’t support where we are heading now, almost six years into our Colorado faith walk. Going on year ten since I quit working “for others” and have worked “for myself” I’ve come to understand that no matter what business I am in, I will always work for someone else, but the degree of control they have differs from business to business. I may own a restaurant now, but I still work for my customers every day, beyond my preparation of each of the 200 – 400 meals I hand make six days a week. It’s exhausting, when you add 2 hours of driving back and forth to live in a house with single paned glass, no heat, no one to collect wood to run the stove, no one to start the fire…  We will, in the next month begin to transition from the ranch to a rental home in town on about 3 acres, and most importantly it’s about 5 minutes away from the restaurant. It’s not an unfamiliar, scary place to be going as God has provided us with the opportunity to rent the home where we stayed while evacuated from fire this past Summer, which it turns out, is owned by our doctor. We will miss our dream of keeping and rehabbing this place, but at the same time, it’s just not even a possibility anymore. We are so exhausted at this point, we drive the hour home, sleep, get up, shower, drive the hour back and pay twice what it will cost us, plus needing the Prius, which we will get rid of as well. I wish that all of you had a chance to visit our ranch, but for those that did, you know we wouldn’t do this if we could avoid it.

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